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Writing a web application development assignment has always been a hard nut to crack for the students as it requires good knowledge of programming languages and analytical thinking capability. A web application is a client-server computer program that runs on the browser. You have various options available by which you can develop a web application using any technology such as HTML, CSS, Ajax, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, and many more. 

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What is web application development?

Web application development is a field where we study how we can develop an application. In a simple manner, we can say web application is something that is stored on the remote server and it is delivered to the user with the help of the internet. Today we have various web application frameworks available to get the application. If you want to develop a  web application you must have good knowledge about various programming language including JavaScript, CSS, ajax, ruby, and many more. 

Categories where coding, scripting, programming are done

If you want to create a web application you must have knowledge about two different categories where coding, scripting, programming takes place are listed below:

Client-side scripting/coding - This type of coding executed on the browser side and it is visible only to the end-users who are using the application

Few of the client-side technologies are listed below:

  • HTML: It stands for hypertext markup language and with the help of this technology we can instruct the browser on how to display the content on web pages. 
  • JavaScript: With the help of JavaScript we can make website pages attractive and interactive. Examples of various JavaScript libraries include JQuery, React.js, and zepto.js. If you want to have good knowledge about this scripting language then you can take our JavaScript assignment help to improve your command on this programming language

Server-side scripting/coding - Server-side coding does not visible to the end-user and it includes execution of code on the server-side.

Some of the programming language popular for server-side coding are listed below:

  • PHP: It is known as server-side scripting language which is quite popular for developing powerful and dynamic websites. More than 80% of the websites over the internet are based on PHP. With the help of PHP, we can incorporate its code into HTML code without using IDE. So if you want any assistance related to this scripting language you can take our PHP assignment help and get assistance from PHP programming experts
  • Ruby: This programming language is similar to the PHP and also embed into the HTML. It comes with many features like secure coding, Syntax, and debugging which allow users to construct an interactive web application. If you want to have good knowledge about the Ruby programming language you can take our ruby assignment help and have detailed information about this programming language
  • Java: It is quite a popular programming language which is used to develop desktop and web application. With the help of Java, we can also develop a mobile application that will work with Android. For understanding Java functionality with Android application you can take our Android Android homework help to understand how Java incorporates Android applications. Java is the perfect language for developing massive projects and this is the reason why programmers prefer to work with this programming language. 
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