Refund Policy Of ProgrammingAssignmentHelpers

We would like to share certain aspects of our refund policy. First and foremost aspect of our refund policy is that it is completely transparent all of our users. Our students are most concerned about the refund policy more than anything. There could be a large number of possibilities. One should be ready to face the number of contingencies related to any assignment order. Things don’t go the same way every time. Some times things can go astray or may not work as we planned. Hence we should be able to come out with the best solution to every problem. Please be assured about Programming Assignment Helpers.

Selected Hiring

We hire programming experts from industry to help students excel at university level. We have a selection rate of only 4% for professional coding experts.

Chose Programmer of Choice

You have an option to chose best programming assignment helper on our online platform. You can also pay additional to get a premium coding expert.

System Matches Best Programmer

Our system matches the best available programming expert to do your assignment. However, you can request a change before placing your order.

All Device Support

We are a programming help website built by programmers for students. You can access our platform on mobile, desktop, tablet and any operating system.

Fast Response and Support

You do not have to wait to get a response on your programming homework with us. Just click on the chat button and start discussing your programming project.

Say Not to Bots

Bots are good, but not in all situations. When you want to talk a real human, we make sure real support is available. Hence, we have decided not to use bots to take your queries.

We Screen Assignment

Your programming project goes from multiple phases and each phase make sure the requirements are clear and delivery is aligned as per the deadline provided.

Draft Delivery

We send a partial code as soon as it is done. This is to keep stuent's trust active and keep a track of the deadline. You can request partial code after placing the order.

Original codes

We do not believe in copy and paste from the web. Hence, our programming helpers provide custom written code to ensure your get the best assistance with programming projects.

Full refund on your assignment in case of non-delivery

Our refund policy is simple. You pay for the assignment order. We deliver the requirements of the assignment. In case, we were not able to deliver the assignment by any chance, we provide a full refund. We are very much ethical about our work. We do not charge a single extra dime for our assignment service. There are a few cases when our experts are held with existing assignment work. So, they refuse to take any more assignment work. However, we always give it a try. In case, we couldn’t find any experts in the loop, we return the amount instantly. It is a very rare situation when there is no expert in the loop however, we always make sure that we provide a complete refund in that case. 

Students are given with lots of assignment work. Professors make sure that the assignments should bring a new challenge to the student. They do not assign projects with repetitive agendas. So, it is always not easy to comprehend the requirements exactly how it is supposed to be. Our experts are dynamic assignment writers. They can write assignments on different agendas and requirements. The main problem comes when we have to contemplate the true expectations of the professor. You should know that students are the only medium to get details about the assignment. Sometimes, the solutions do not possess the content as per professors expectations. Mainly, it occurs due to miscommunication. We take full responsibility in those cases. 

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Free rework as long as it is in the guidelines

We understand these kinds of issues. That is why we provide rework on assignments. We are ready to perform rework on your assignments as long as it meets the requirements. Despite providing rework on assignment, if the solution doesn’t meet the expectations, we provide a refund to the student. However, the chances of those scenarios are utterly rare. You can be completely confident about our refund policy. The professionalism of every assignment writing service can be judged on the basis of their refund policy. Either you should meet the end of the bargain or your provide full compensations. That is our motto when it comes to providing an assignment writing service.

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Compensation for delayed deliveries

There are some instances when the assignment solution is provided but it takes a long period of time for evaluation. Later, it is realized that there were some exceptions in the solution and it costed student with low grades. Sometimes, there is no option for doing a rework as well. Once the solution is submitted, there will be no turning back. Students feel completely devasted during those times. Although, such situations occur very rarely with Programming Assignment Helpers. However, we thrive towards making ourselves ready for all worst-case scenarios. After scrutinizing the grade sheet, we provide a full refund or provide the best possible compensation in the upcoming assignment order.