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TCP/ IP protocol is standard for transmission control protocol/ internet protocol. There are two most popular computer network protocol by which data transmission takes place. TCP/ IP protocol is consists of a four-layers of the network such as the data link layer, internet layer transport layer, application layer. If you are a networking student and facing difficulty completing your TCP/ IP assignment then you can reach out to us for TCP IP networking assignment help. 

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What is TCP/IP networking?

We can define TCP IP as a group of protocols that consists of transmission, control, and internet protocol which include terminal emulation protocol, user datagram protocol, and file transfer protocol. These protocols all are quite essential for transferring data over the internet. When we talk about TCP/IP networking protocol, we get to know that this protocol consists of the various network layers. 

With the help of these layers, we can easily transmit data securely from one host to another. One can consider TCP/ IP stack as a box of slicing the data. TCP/ IP stack arranges the data package and helps us to understand how the data has to be sent and once the packet is received by the recipient an acknowledgment is generated. 

As we can see data transformation from one to another is a set of various activities and each activity followed by set protocol. Due to the involvement of various complicated concepts student face difficulty with its assignment.  In such a situation, our networking homework help improves student’s knowledge about the data transmission process in a detailed manner and clear their doubts effectively. 

Layers of TCP/IP networking

There are four main layers of TCP/ IP networking which we use for data transmission are listed below:

  • Network layer: It is the bottom layer of the TCP/IP model and it is also known as network access layer. This layer is responsible for sending and receiving data packet over the internet. With the help of this network interface layer TCP/IP protocol connect to various networks.
  • Internet layer: Another layer of the TCP/ IP model is the internet layer. With the help of this layer, we can manage the address of each data packet and make sure that data is reaching successfully to its destination. There is a gateway in this network layer that would crosscheck the address and then direct the packet to the destination. 
  • Transport layer: The working function of this layer is to compose the message into a data packet and send it to the destination. Once the data packet is received by the receiver then the packet can be easily converted into the actual message. 
  • Application layer: This layer is placed above the transport layer and it provides many protocols that allow data transmission from source to destination. The application layer involves all the higher-level protocols. Some major protocols of the application layer are electronic mail protocol, file transfer protocol, and virtual terminal protocols. 

If you are a student of computer security and networking then you would be aware of TCP/IP model and how it helps to transmit data from source to destination if you have any query related to this topic then you can take our network layout assignment help and clear all your doubts with the help of professional experts. 


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