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What is Cryptography? 

Cryptography is the most popular branch of computer science and with the help of this branch student learns the art of writing secret codes and they also learn how they can decode the codes. In the IT sector cryptography is a technique by which a person transfers his confidential information to the authorized recipient in an encoded format and the recipient will receive a secret key with the encoded message. With the help of the secret key receiver will decode the information. In a simple language, we can say Cryptography maintain confidentiality so that no hacker can steal the information. Today Cryptography is used by many companies and keeps their confidentiality safe and secure. 

With the help of cryptography first, we convert normal text into the encrypted format and then we send it to the recipient. Cryptography includes a private key, public key, digital signature authentication, SSL, MD5, etc. These techniques are quite popular for converting the normal text into encoded text. If you want to understand Cryptography in a detailed manner you can take help with Cryptography assignment from and have detailed information about its concepts and theory. 

Techniques that we use for cryptography

There are various types of cryptographic techniques some of them are listed below:

  • Public key cryptography: In this cryptographic technique two cryptosystems are used so that a secure connection could be established between the sender as well as the receiver for sharing information and data processing. 
  • Secret key cryptography: It is a cryptographic technique that uses a single key. With the help of this key sender will encrypt the messages while the receiver will use the same key for decrypting the message. As you can see the same key is used by the receiver as well as the sender.
  • Hash function: With the help of hash function we can check the integrity of the message so that we could be sure that no message will be tempered or destroyed by malware. 


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Yes, we provide help with Cryptography homework at a cost-efficient price so that you could easily avail our service without putting any stress on your pocket

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Yes, we provide cloud computing assignment help you just need to visit our website and you will find complete assistance for your cloud computing assignment from the experts of cloud computing.

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Programming is our strong area, however, we provide help with crypto assignments based on concepts and problem solving. However, we do not write long reports are online programmers take only challenging assignments helping them learn what is new in the colleges.

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