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Computer architecture is a quite interesting field of computer engineering and if you want to have a proper understanding of computer architect then you must have knowledge about pipelining. We can define pipelining as instruction that fetches another instruction, decode register fetch and execute address memory. This whole process may look simple but in reality, it is a complicated process that involves various complicated concepts of pipelining in which students face a lot of difficulties while working with its assignments. 

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What is computer architecture?

Computer architecture is one of the most important fields of computer engineering and with the help of computer architecture we learn about the functionality and implementation of a computer system. In layman's terms, we can explain computer architecture as a technology that is compatible with computer systems. Computer architecture is built to serve the logical purpose of the functioning of a system and it helps us to know about the working functionality of CPU and explain how memory is used by it. 

Computer architecture is a broad field of concepts where you need to study various components of the computer. If you want to have a good understanding of computer architecture you can seek computer architecture homework help from and have a better understanding of the concepts of computer architecture and easily learn about various components of the computer and its functionalities. 

What is the structure and function? 

As we all know the computer has various electronic components and each component has its own specific task. These electronic components show a complicated hierarchical nature. This is the reason why students should pay more attention while working with electronic components of a computer system if they want to have an understanding of computer architecture. Every level comprises of specific components that are interconnected

Structure: With the help of structure we can and understand the relationship between various component the structure comprises of the following components

  • CPU: Central processing unique has control over the computing operation and its functions. CPU control different units including automatic unit, logical unit, control unit, registered CPU interconnection
  • Main memory: It is known for storing the data
  • Input-output: It allows the transmission of data between the system as well as external sources
  • System interconnection: It is a type of unit where communication will transmit between CPU, input, and output systems memory. This is also known as a bus system

Functions: It is an area where we can see  every component of the structure along with their operation

Few of the key function include

  • Data processing: For effective data processing system need to have various types of the process by which it could efficiently pass the data from one end to another
  • Data storage: Data storage is the most important thing for every organization as organizations need to work with huge chunks of data. This is the key reason why organizations need to have a storage unit to store the data
  • Data movement: Data will be processed from system to external sources
  • Control: This unit is known for handling all of the resources of the system

As you can see computer architecture is full of concepts and complicated system designs. This is the reason why understanding the architecture of the computer is a bit complicated for students. But if you want to effectively understand this subject and have a better understanding of all the functions and structure of computer architecture then you can seek help with computer architecture from our experts and resolve all your queries and doubts related to this subject.

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Yes, we provide machine learning help at our website as our service is open for all kinds of assignments related to the computer science and programming. 

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