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What is assembly language? 

Assembly language is known as a low-level programming language that works as an intermediate between machine code and program statements. We can see the uses of assembly language in academic applications. The most common application of assembly language is, we can use this language to program devices for microcontrollers. 

In a simple language, we can say assembly language is a collection of languages that will help you to write machine code for CPU architecture. However, this language does not have function and variable and it does not support all types of processes. The command and structure of assembly language are similar to that of machine language. 

Some of the important concepts that are popular in assembly language are listed below:

  • Assembler
  • Language design
  • Operators segment and labels
  • Paging cache and interruptions
  • Arithmetic and transfer instruction

These are just highlights of a few topics which are included in assembly language. Students in academics need to work with various assignments based on these topics. And when students face difficulty while working with these topics they take assignment help for assembly language. 

Key concepts to be learned in assembly language

There are 6 most important terminologies in assembly language are listed below:

Memory address: It is a place where the machine stores the code. If the address starts with YY00, then YY would represent the page number 00 will give you to the idea about line number
Machine code: It is also known as instruction code and it consists of a hexadecimal number that will have the instruction to store a memory address
Label: With the help of the label we can use a collection of symbol to represent the particular address in this statement
Operation code: This instruction comprises two most important key parts first one is operand and another one is the opcode. 
Operand: This program consists of 8 bit and 16-bit data with memory address and registers where the instruction are executed
Comments: This is not the part of programming but it helps us to make documentation and explain the actions  performed by a group

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