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Why PHP Is Used In Web Development Projects

What is PHP and its Purpose? 

Today, we are going to learn about the applications of PHP. We will be discussing its features and characteristics in beginning. Then we will analyse its features that are used in Web Development Projects. We are ProgrammingAssignmentHelpers will share more about the features of PHP.

It is a general-purpose scripting language that was initially known by the name of Personal Home Page. It is a hypertext preprocessor. Earlier, HTML And CSS were used to create dynamic webpages but as there were so many developments in the web functionalities, PHP became more popular. 

Used For Dynamic Web Pages

It became a very useful scripting programming language as it was embedded with HTML. It was used as a server-side scripting language. There is a pre-built CMS (Content Management System) that is used to secure the contents on the server-side and appear on the client-side of the page.

It is generally made up of PHP. However, if you still remove those functionalities. PHP still covers 54% of the web-application or web-site. It is a very useful programming language. The students are taking more interest in learning PHP than any other programming languages. 

Most Prevalent Scripting Language

It is a widely chosen programming language for web-applications. The reason is that it is easy to learn. It is a cross-platform scripting language that could be coded and parsed in multiple operating systems without any problem. It could be used in operating systems such as UNIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows And MAC OS Et Cetra. Mainstream programming languages such as Java and C++ could collaborate with PHP to make high-performance web-applications.

Applications Of PHP

Applications Of PHP Programming Language

The applications of PHP programming language are many. Initially, it was created for developing server-side scripting but now it is used to create dynamic web-pages. Now PHP programming language is used in all the areas of web development projects. It is mostly popular for creating Graphical User-Interface for client-side of the webpages. Now we are going to discuss the various areas of its applications. 

Web Pages and Web-Based Applications

There are 3 major components of Web-Based Applications. There is the browser, server-side scripting and Database Management System. Current ecosystem requires high-level interactive systems on the client-side. Therefore, it requires large customization through the introduction of functionalities.

The demand for high-performance web-applications is increased in the current ecosystem. At this moment, the PHP programming language is the only language that provides the best resolutions for these demands. It is considered one of the most reliable web-based programming languages by the developers. 

Web Content Management System

PHP is popularly used for creating the CMS (Content Management System). Mainly it is capable of synchronizing with various database management systems like MySQL, Oracle and MS Access. It is a very useful scripting language that can operate with the service protocols such as POP3, NNTP and HTTP Et Cetra. It is also helpful in creating the famous WordPress Systems and its other plug-ins. Most of the famous websites such as Facebook and Moodle were created fundamentally using PHP. 

eCommerce Applications

There are frameworks like CodeIgniter and CakePHP. These are applications that are fundamentally scripted using PHP. These are eCommerce Applications used in small scale marketing and departmental stores. PHP is being used in all kinds of small and large enterprises. It is now a major demand by almost all business enterprises. 

PHP For GUI Based Applications

There are some tools such as PHP GTK 2 and Devel Studio. These tools could be used to employ Graphical User Interface for many desktop applications. Many of the desktop applications are powered by these tools and these tools are primarily built on It. The best part is that PHP could be used as a standalone scripting language to employ these applications. 

Image Processing Or Graphical Design Using PHP

Textual content is managed using Content Management Systems Powered by PHP. However, that is just not it. It could be used for image processing. Various images could be manipulated and integrated using PHP. There are a few tools such as GB Library, Imagine and ImageMagick that are used for processing different kinds of image files. All these pre-defined library functions are used for graphical design of various multimedia files.

The most basic functions such as rotating, resizing, adding watermarks, creating output images and converting different kinds of image formats could be done using it much easier. These are the most basic functionalities that are essential to creating dynamic and robust web applications. 

Data Representation

Another most intriguing feature of PHP is that it could be used to represent data in a very organized and concise manner. The most useful way of representing data is through graphical or figurative representations.

PHP could be used to create graphs, figures, scatter-dot plots, charts and various other forms of graphical representation. There are a few library functions such as Image_Graph that can be used to integrate these methods very easily. 

There is another function known by the name of PDF_Lib that could be used to format PDF files. All the features are the reason for using It for creating high-level websites and webpages. 

PHP For All Web-Applications

Hence, you can see the various uses of PHP in the current market. PHP is considered one of the most reliable scripting language for delivering high-end web projects and applications. Lots of students are pursuing their career in the field of web-designing. The key to becoming an expert professional in the field of web designing in It. One who learns to successfully implement the language could rule the web designing firm. 

However, it is not easy to learn the language in a short period of time. A student needs to practice every day. The biggest challenge comes while incorporating other programming languages with It. You can become a successful developer once you learn to in-depth concepts of constructing a web-application using PHP. 

Important Note

First and foremost requirement of learning PHP is that you should be aware of basic languages such as HTML and CSS. Most of the old school applications are fundamentally coded with HTML. It is much powerful to call the functions of HTML within its functions. So, you should be knowledgeable about the working of HTML. Plus, other DBMS applications such as MySQL and Oracle to essentially create a backend data system for your web-application.