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Applications Of Python Programming

Python Programming Language

Python Programming Language was first introduced in 1991. Purpose of this programming language is similar to Java Programming Language. Furthermore, both are high-level, general-purpose programming language. The features and functionalities of Python Programming Language are much more. Furthermore, it is easy to learn as compared to Java. Learn more about Python Programming Language with ProgrammingAssignmentHelpers.

The language was initially created as a hobby project. It was never intended to be used on a commercial scale. However, Python has gained much popularity in the last decade. IEEE Spectrum Lists ranked this programming language on top. 

Experts Recommend Python

Many programming experts are recommending the scholars and programming enthusiasts to learn this language. Therefore, this language is in high demand among large software developing firms.

There are many applications of Python Programming Language. Today, we are going to learn some important facts about Python. Also, we will discuss various advantages of Python Programming Language. We will discuss the reasons behind the popularity of this programming language. 

Interesting Facts About Python

Python was created as a Pet Project by a Programming Enthusiast in the year 1991. It was during Christmas when he decided to do something to keep him occupied. It is the largely chosen programming language besides Java. The reason is that it is much easier to comprehend and compile. The features are considered even better than mainstream programming languages such as C++, Oracle and Java. 

Readability and Simplicity

There is n number of reasons for choosing Python. One of the main reasons is readability and simplicity of Python Programming language. Even sophomores can understand this language without fuss. It is a hassle-free language. It takes less time to parse the codes of Python. There are many cross-platform environments of Python such as Jython, CPython, IronPython, Brython Et Cetra. Guido Van Rossum created it.

Zen Of Python

One of the prominent names in the Python Community was TIM PETERS. He has contributed a lot to the Python Community. He created a poem under the name of Zen Of Python. So, you can simply write the code “Import” in the Python Interpreter and get the output as the actual poem. The poem has a lot of hidden meanings in it. Mostly, it explains the features of Python Programming Language. 

Easy Decision-Making Statements

One of the decision-making statements is interesting to know. You can use the “If” statement and include “Else” statement automatically. You do not need to use any break statements for that. Also, you can obtain multiple values at the same time in Python. You just need to call a simple “func()” and it will return all the values. 

Large Firms Use Python

Python is one of the 9 most prominent programming languages. Java is ranked on the first one. However, no other language has ever influenced Java as much as Python programming language. Plus, it is not widespread across all the places.

Any firm that deals with high technology are using Python Programming Language to build the foundation. Thus, some of the major firms that use Python are – NASA – Google – Nokia – IBM – Yahoo Maps – Walt Disney Feature – – Animation – Facebook – Netflix – Expedia – Reddit – Quora – MIT – Disqus – Hike – Spotify – Udemy – Shutterstock Et Cetra. 

Applications Of Python

Applications Of Python Programming Language

The biggest advantage of Python is its efficiency to work different operating systems. That is why many organization are using Python to power their technologies. You can code the program in Windows Operating System and execute them on Macintosh. Similarly, you can do it vice versa. Due to its extreme flexibility, it has become the most recommended programming language in 2019. IEEE itself ranked it 1#. 

Machine Learning And AI

Technology is growing at tremendous speed. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are the 2 terms that we came across mostly. They are used in developing Advanced Robotics. Strong Algorithms that are capable of creating new algorithms by themselves automatically. High-Tech firms such as NASA and Google are using Python as the primitive source to empower their technologies.

Data Science and Data Integration

Data Science is everything in the current Business World. The right use of data can help the business to grow on extra-ordinary pace. So, one must know how to use the crude data to manipulate into processed information. Hence, these pieces of information are mapped together to make strong conclusions.

Data Science and Interpretation is important for all business firms. The fundamental codes of major business applications are written in Python. Python uses components like Pandas And NumPy to accomplish these tasks. 

Desktop Graphical User Interface

Python can be used to create several GUI systems. Also, used in Desktop Systems. Small kinds of function such as creating a button, message box, drop-down menus Et Cetra.

Tkinter and wxWidgets are some of the library functions. They are in-built in Python Programming. You can use these library functions to create a GUI on a large scale. Furthermore, there are many advantages to learning Python Programming Language. Hence, this language is going to rule over all the major technologies in the coming decade. 

Business Applications

We should know that business applications are a lot different than applications intended for daily use. These business applications must be very efficient to bring guaranteed results. Scalability, Expandability And Feasibility are the basic features. These applications should work on large network hubs with any number of clients. Therefore, they come at a hefty price. Hence, developers are using Python Programming Language to create high-scale business applications these days. 

Embedded Applications

C Programming Language is traditionally used in the past 3 decades. It is still a successful language. It is still used to develop embedded systems. like Integrated Circuits and Micro-Processing Chips. Therefore, you can create applications of C using Python Programming Language. Almost all the embedded systems could be created using Python.